The last Siletz Community Meeting takes place today at 5 PM. Link available here.

Who Are We?

Out of great concern about the growing methamphetamine epidemic, Siletz Tribal Council passes a resolution in March of 2004 that recognized the formation of a Meth Task Force. Task Force members sponsored a community gathering providing information about the manufacture, distribution, and use of Meth. Concerned community members joined the Task Force and follow-up monthly meetings were scheduled.

Task Force members developed goals and activities and identified resources to meet those goals. Once the goals were in place and active, Task force members continually assessed progress and identified new goals.

Other communities began to express interest in our efforts and we began to share our experiences beyond our own community.

In April 2005, the Task Force agreed to expand its focus. We began to identify ourselves as a coalition with concerns about methamphetamine as well as other drugs and related problems. In August 2006 Tribal Council passed another resolution approving the name CEDARR (Community Efforts Demonstrating an Ability to Rebuild and Restore) and revised mission statement.

CEDARR members continue to meet monthly and diligently work on established goals. Some goals have been met and others are ongoing. Community education remains a strong focus of the group. We sponsor semi-annual community gatherings, school prevention activities, and ongoing information dissemination at the monthly meetings.

CEDARR is well represented by its community and has a core group of members who are dedicated to its original vision and to its continued expansion and growth. It is evident that communities can come together in difficult times with a common voice and shared spirit.

CEDARR Meeting Schedule, to be determined.

For more information, call 541-444-8286.