The purpose of this program is to improve living conditions for eligible CTSI Elders and disabled Tribal members who own their own homes to accommodate safety, health, or disability-related conditions.

Individuals must have legal possessor rights to the home and property. The combined household income for all household members age eighteen (18) years and older must not exceed 80% of median income. STHD staff shall determine the scope of work for repairs based on the Tribal elder’s application information and local building codes. STHD shall factor in disability, health, and safety issues in the selection process with grants awarded from a program waiting list. Selection shall be on a first-come, first-served basis, and a stipulation of one-time assistance per household every six (6) years. This program may be used anywhere in the United States of America. The home must be occupied as the primary residence. A maximum of two (2) grants allowed per person.