Program Purpose

To place Tribal Elders back in the work force as a means of offering assistance of additional income as well as working in a field they enjoyed previously or a new line of work they have an interest in.

The Program is open to all Tribal Elders, regardless of residency or income level. Job-sites within the Tribe and in the public/private sector will be utilized.


The Elders Work Experience (Elders WEX) Program began in July of 2003. It is funded through Excess Pledge Revenue, Casino revenue monies, and operated by the Elders Program. Elders must request an application from the Elders Program and it can be filled out in the office or mailed to their home. Work-sites have been within the Tribe, schools, childcare programs and City offices. If an Elder has a request for a work-site, the Program will work with the Job Developer in the Self-Sufficiency Program to establish a position.


  • 500 work hours per contract
  • Tribal pay level of 11-0, for 2020; $12.50 per hour
  • No federal guidelines of Employment/Training Goal
  • The Elder works with the Work-site Supervisor to determine weekly hours
  • Hours can not exceed 40 hours per week

Contact AJ Warren at 541-444-8212 for more information regarding the WEX program.