The program provides emergency housing accessibility goods, such as materials, that will allow an eligible participant to remain in or return to their home, overcoming physical barrier(s) to full use of the home, in an amount not to exceed seven hundred ($700.00) dollars. Also included are single-purpose activities such as accessibility for person(s) with disabilities, permanent and temporary, to avoid displacement of the occupants.

This program serves CTSI members with a documented disability, CTSI Elder families, and CTSI Elder person, living within the 11‐county service area with a current need. There is no income requirement. Units do not need to be located on Tribal land and must be owner‐occupied except for the following provision. Services for non‐owner occupied rental units are limited to the purchase of materials to install ramps and grab bars.

Applications may be obtained from and returned to the STHD office. Supporting documentation must accompany the application i.e. proof of disability and copy of Tribal enrollment. All applications will be reviewed within 72 hours of receipt and a determination of program eligibility will be made at that time. Because funds are allocated when an applicant is deemed eligible, there will not be a waiting list. When funds are exhausted, the program will close until such time as additional funds are available.