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Out of Area Benefits

To qualify, Tribal members must be registered for health care with the Siletz Tribal Health Department and reside outside the Tribe’s 11-county service area.  These funds are intended for Tribal members who are not eligible for Purchases/Referred Care services. 

Alternative Healthcare

A member is eligible to choose 1 benefit per quarter of either massage therapy, chiropractic care, or acupuncture. The Alternate Healthcare program will pay for up to 3 visits within the quarter at up to $75.00 per visit.


Higher Education Program

The Higher Education Program is a scholarship program for eligible Siletz Tribal members to continue their education beyond high school. 

Student Incentive Program

The Siletz Tribal Council desires to reward students for their educational achievement, and encourage them to continue on into higher education by rewarding each milestone. This is a monetary incentive and is awarded by level of education.

Individual Cultural Activity Fund

Under the Individual Cultural Activity program, Tribal members may apply for a two hundred dollar ($200.00) grant to support their cultural activities. 

Youth Activity Fund

The program provides academic and leisure time activities in a supervised setting and young people participate in constructive pursuits after school and on weekends.


Down Payment Assistance

The purpose of the Down Payment Assistance (DPA) program is to provide qualifying below median income Tribal members and their families with a forgivable grant of up to $15,000 to assist with down payment and closing costs for their first home.

Tribal Temporary Student Assistance Program (TTSAP)

The Tribal Temporary Student Assistance Program (TTSAP) is a time-limited program which assists a student while obtaining higher education for a period not to exceed six years.

Rehabilitation Housing Improvement

The purpose of this program is to improve living conditions for eligible CTSI Tribal members by providing moderate or substantial rehabilitation to their own homes.

Elders/Disability Rehabilitation

The purpose of this program is to improve living conditions for eligible CTSI Elders and disabled Tribal members who own their own homes to accommodate safety, health, or disability-related conditions.

Elders Home Replacement Program

The purpose of this program is to replace privately owned homes of eligible Siletz Tribal Elders whose home repair costs would exceed forty-five thousand dollars ($45,000).

General Welfare Exclusion Housing Rehabilitation Grant

The purpose of this program is to provide housing repair assistance to Siletz Tribal members whose household income exceeds the eligibility requirements for other Tribal housing rehabilitation programs.

Emergency Housing Assistance

This program serves CTSI Tribal members looking to avoid foreclosure, facing eviction and those that are homeless.