STHD Application Instructions

What you need to submit with your application:

  • First, you must make sure the application is completely filled out, signed and dated by all adult members of the household. Household members are those who will be residing with you if, and when, you receive assistance. It is very important that all spaces on the application are filled in even if the answer is “none”. Otherwise, the application may be returned to you for completion; and
  • Include all documentation of income. This would include copies of pay stubs, employment verification by the employer, benefit award letters, unemployment benefit check stubs, child support print out, per capita stubs, and/or any documentation that documents income.

Incomplete applications will prevent you from being placed on the active waiting list. Your application date is based on receipt of your completed application, including all documentation.

The STHD completes the following:

  • Verify all income sources and amounts;
  • Criminal background checks;
  • Landlord references (RAP, Low Rent, Homeownership, and Property Management);
  • Happy Tenant (determines if tenant owes money or committed fraud during participation with any other housing authority); and
  • Documents tribal enrollment by requesting the Certificate of Indian Blood (CIB).