The Garden Program is a new program being developed by the CTSI Siletz Tribal Community Health Clinic to steward a 38-acre property into a diversified organic practicing farm that provides healthy food options and cultural opportunities for Tribal members. The program seeks to improve the health of our community and Siletz Tribal members by providing access to clean organic produce, outdoor recreation, and culturally congruent activities in a safe space.

The Garden Program, along with many other Community Health Departments, is able to provide a wide variety of healthy food options, outdoor activities, and educational outreach for our Tribal members and community. In 2023 over 6,545 pounds of fresh produce was distributed from the Garden Program. Through our Food Sovereignty Box Program, partnered with Diabetes Prevention, 446 boxes of fresh produce were given directly to Tribal members and their households. Throughout the year 1,017 individuals attended on-farm events and open farm days while an additional 328 individuals were reached through program education and outreach events in local schools and the community. Additional garden resources that were distributed include 42 pounds of dried herbs for healing salves and tea blends, 1,035 individual vegetable and herb seed packets for the community and area offices, over 12,000 individual gardening plants and trees gifted to local gardeners and the Healthy Traditions Community Garden, as well as 289 flower bouquets that were gifted to visitors and handed out during the Siletz Powwow Parade.

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We will continue to post project updates and future event opportunities on this page, our Facebook, in Siletz News and in our Siletz Community Health Clinic monthly newsletter.

Volunteer Garden Days

Come learn and grow with us!

Held on the 4th Friday of each month.

Contact AJ Warren at or 541-444-8327 for more information.

Birds eye view of the Farm Property in Logsden, OR.

The Farm Property (2023)

The Farm Property

In 2020, CTSI purchased the property near the city of Siletz with the goal of serving some of the health needs in the community. The hope is to accomplish that by utilizing this land to grow our own foods and medicines and to restore our relationship to the land, animals, and plants.

Several improvements and construction have already been made to the property, including installing a new well and beginning a rainwater collection and storage system that will serve as our irrigation. There are plans to construct a large greenhouse structure and a 5-acre fenced in main garden, along with additional improvements and features.


5213 Logsden Rd. (Second drive past mile marker five)

The stewardship of the land is guided by a Garden Committee, the needs of our community, Traditional Ecological Knowledge pathways, and a variety of internal and external partnerships. Half of the landscape is designated wetlands with wetland meadows, shrub/tree wetlands, and a seasonal creek that is being stewarded to host and enhance habitat for native plants and animals with a focus on Beaver habitat. The front half of the landscape has been historically cleared and grazed into open pasture which is being stewarded to fulfill the Garden Program’s needs. The program has installed a rainwater catchment system that will serve vegetable and plant production, a 5-acre garden with an exclusion fence to deter grazing animals such as Elk and Deer, a greenhouse nursery for plant and vegetable production, various facility and access renovations for programming activities, and are creating a Garden Master Plan that will continue to guide the future activities in the landscape.

Map of the Overall Garden Property view.

CTSI Garden Overview – April 2024
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Map overview of the Garden Property located outside of Siletz, OR.

CTSI Garden Details – April 2024
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Property Features

  • Event Parking
  • Greenhouses
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Rainwater Collection System
  • Wash Station
  • Medicinal Garden
  • Orchards
  • First Foods Gardens
  • Walking Paths

Growing Plans

In addition to providing health prevention services for the community, the Garden Program is continuing to enhance education outreach, vocational skill-building for youth, and access to cultural materials and services for Tribal members. A structural remodel of the on-farm building will include office space for staff, a teaching kitchen, long-term seed storage (seed bank), and enhanced community gathering space for Tribal members and other CTSI programming.


James "Zeph" Mullins

Garden Manager

Jennifer Rackley

Garden Coordinator

AJ Warren

Programming and Administrative Assistant


Facilities and Maintenance Technician

Daniel Alvarez

Nursery and Field Assistant

Volunteers Needed!

We are currently seeking volunteers to help us at the Garden Program! We need some extra assistance with gardening, landscaping, habitat restoration, planting, harvesting, event support, education, brush removal, and more! If you would like to support our efforts in restoring our relationship to the land and serving the community, please reach out!

Please read this flyer and contact Zeph Mullins for additional information, questions, and to get started in the volunteer process!


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